Hello again-in case you missed me !lol

If anyone out there has read my blog apologies for the bad spelling mistakes and the manic approach to it LOL .It was my first attempt . I still browse all the info and struggling to make sense but one can only hope. And as my granny used to say: Put your tongue in your brain before you speak , Sophia. In this case I need to put my keyboard in my brain I suppose…

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oops!Am I now blogging?Hello then!This is my first attempt, it feels though that I had a mr Bean moment here cbecause I feel like I do not really know what i am writing and muy mac is complaining and I am bit overwhelmed with everything I come across to be honest. When people were learning how to blog what was I doing? I feel slightly on the “thick side ” here but hpefully will get there. To be honest I do not know If I signed in ok, i think I might have pressed a tiny button and I will need to pay for my registration. Helpppppp! Have i really pressed it or am hallucinatig here?anyway.

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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